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The Damp Chamber and Other Dark Places (by Frank Chigas)

The Damp Chamber and Other Dark Places (by Frank Chigas)

SKU: MP2004-DC

Hardcover with jacket

345 pages with illustrations
Limited Edition of 500 copies

From a deserted research facility harboring monstrous secrets to portents of death found on the cold waves of the Atlantic, The Damp Chamber collects nineteen terrifying tales in an attractive hardcover, with original artwork by the author.

Besides the terrifying title novelette, there are many other stories to be found within these pages to jangle the nerves of the unprepared. The House of August opens its decaying doors to a nightmare trapped within its very frame, and evil is awakened with the tolling of The Copper Bell. A haunted inn on the sea-swept cliffs of Dover is the backdrop for horror in She Is a Picture In Black, while The Return of the One triggers a deadly resolution for the unwary. Frank Chigas stops at every sinister detour in-between, guiding the reader through these dark places with a sure hand.

With a penchant for building a palpable atmosphere, the author has created a lasting document of fright that will stay with the reader for some time to come.

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