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Medusa Press is a publisher of quality horror fiction, from contemporary authors to undeservedly obscure writers from the past. We strive to bring you only the very best in the realm of the fantastic and are committed to this goal.


Our books are high-quality, hardcover limited editions, usually consisting of 500 (or less) copies and are made with only the finest materials and papers. Every book is Smyth sewn and made to last, and our care and attention to detail goes into every page.


Medusa Press also believes strongly in supporting mom & pop booksellers. Please see the Booksellers section of this website for stores that carry Medusa Press books. Buy a book from one of these fine dealers and know that you've helped to keep your local bookstore alive and well. If your local bookseller does not currently carry our titles, please have them contact us.


Thank you for supporting small press publishers!

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