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Strange Corridors (by Frank Chigas)

SKU: MP2010-SC

Hardcover with jacket

357 pages
Limited Edition of 250 copies


    Collected here are ten chilling tales from Frank Chigas, author of the acclaimed collection, The Damp Chamber and Other Bad Places.

    Take a turn down any of these corridors…From here, one can view the horrible occupant of "The Other Flat." And evil is just around the next corner in "The Cloaking Glass." Every turn of the page uncovers a new chill for the reader: An idyllic hike in the Italian Alps leads to horror in "Mephisto's Clay," and "The Eavesdropper" gets more than she ever bargained for.

    Dare to walk these corridors, each path revealing a new horror, a dark doorway into the uncanny, a view of nightmare vistas.

    But tread carefully, dear reader, for each step taken will draw you further into the unknown


    "Years after his first, extraordinary collection The Damp Chamber [Chigas] is back with a book of new horror stories entitled Strange Corridors. Once again he's leading the reader across the peculiar geography of horror created by his powerful imagination, apt to disquiet and frighten his fellow travelers…Chigas' tales have a classical flavor (not fortuitously, most of the stories are set decades ago) and are solidly built according to the rules of good storytelling and are imbued with a deep sense of dread that will suit any fan of savory but stylish horror fiction."
    — Mario Guslandi, Hell Notes

    "Once again Mr. Chigas has thrilled and chilled me with his eloquent and passionate prose. It is writers like him that give me hope for genre recognition in the "literary" ranks. Frank Chigas skillfully crafts his stories in such a way that they reach inside the deep recesses of your mind and pull out your darkest hidden fears…Frank Chigas is a master of the short story. He has a way of reaching the depths of your soul, touching on fears you did not even know you had…I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Horror, Strange Tales, or Paranormal stories — or anyone who simply enjoys intricately and well written short stories. 5 out of 5."
    — Sarah Covert, She Never Slept


    "Travel these strange corridors with Frank Chigas, masterful storyteller of the ghoulish and macabre.  Each and every single tale will delight  fans of the genre.  As in his other work I reviewed, But First the Dark: Ten Tales of the Uncanny, these stories are set in the early twentieth century, a much more refined time as far as custom and etiquette, but no less frightening in the depths of depravity, human and inhuman.


    There is a little something for everyone in this collection, from a twist on the vampiric in “The Eavesdropper” to vengeful hauntings in ”Fourmis Dans Les Paumes” and “The Other Flat”, to an abomination demanding worship and sacrifice in “The New Christ of Templewood”.


    Chigas is an incredibly eloquent writer, able to tap into what is truly dark and unnerving. I personally have not come upon a modern writer who was able to elicit the same feelings I have when reading Lovecraft or Poe until I read Frank Chigas."

    — Monster Librarian


    "The two Frank Chigas collections continue where his first book left off with more strong entries. He builds a solid plot and develops strong atmosphere and imagery for each of the entries. Standout tales would include “A Cloaking Glass”, “The Other Flat”, “Mephisto’s Clay”, “The Blayne House”, “The Pocket Watch”, “The Singular Sufferings of One Arthur Shelby”, “Strange Companion” and “The Visitation”. A lot of the stories remind me style-wise of some of the older masters like Lovecraft, M.R. James, Algernon Blackwood, Arthur Machen and so on, but Chigas definitely has his own voice.


    It’s nice to see Medusa Press is still around and that they are helping to carry on the strong tradition of Arkham House. Here’s hoping it will be much sooner that we see a new book from them!"

    — Dark Discoveries