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Strange Corridors (by Frank Chigas)

Strange Corridors (by Frank Chigas)

SKU: MP2010-SC

Hardcover with jacket

357 pages
Limited Edition of 250 copies

Collected here are ten chilling tales from Frank Chigas, author of the acclaimed collection, The Damp Chamber and Other Bad Places.

Take a turn down any of these corridors…From here, one can view the horrible occupant of "The Other Flat." And evil is just around the next corner in "The Cloaking Glass." Every turn of the page uncovers a new chill for the reader: An idyllic hike in the Italian Alps leads to horror in "Mephisto's Clay," and "The Eavesdropper" gets more than she ever bargained for.

Dare to walk these corridors, each path revealing a new horror, a dark doorway into the uncanny, a view of nightmare vistas.

But tread carefully, dear reader, for each step taken will draw you further into the unknown

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