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Left in the Dark (by John Gordon — SIGNED)



Hardcover with jacket

316 + xvi pages
Limited to 500 copies (50 signed editions)
Signed author signature plate with wraparound band and wax seal


    Since his first novel, The Giant Under the Snow, was published in 1968 to critical acclaim, John Gordon has always written about that misunderstood frontier between adolescence and adulthood -- and the sometimes dark borderlands that reside there as well. With a knack for choosing the perfect word, the right balance of plot and character, and the appropriate amount of shudders, Mr. Gordon continues to be one of the most celebrated fantasists working in the field today.

    For the first time, thirty of Mr. Gordon's superlative tales have been gathered for this career-spanning collection. From the creeping menace of "Grandmother's Footsteps" and the squirming horror of the "Eels" to the searing touch of "The Burning Baby," these excursions into the darker corners of life and death will send a proper chill up the spine. In addition to the twenty-nine previously-released stories, a chilling new tale, "The Night Watch," has been written expressly for this volume.

    Although Mr. Gordon has been writing supernatural and fantasy tales for over four decades, receiving the highest praise in his home country, there hasn't been a definitive collection of his best twilight tales . . . until now.


    "Gordon is a superb storyteller, capable of easily producing suspense and dread thanks to a steady, masterful narrative style, a great command of the language and an uncanny ability to credibly draw his characters. Besides, he manages to elicit shivers and disquiet without ever resorting to violence, gore or splatter…Needless to say, the book is so good that each story would deserve to be praised and commented upon…In other words he's a great writer whose best short fiction is at last gathered in this volume, a treat for anyone and a pleasant surprise for those readers who may not be familiar with the work of this gifted author."
    — Mario Guslandi, Infinity Plus

    "Any lover of ghost stories should move heaven and earth to get their hands on Left in the Dark: The Supernatural Tales of John Gordon. This is a marvelous example of the form done right, done with grace and delicacy and almost unbearable tension…Such is the quality of Gordon's writing that you don't miss it. There's no need for headless phantoms or shootouts here, just slowly dawning realizations and emotional inevitability that sweep up the reader and carry you along to elegant, satisfying conclusions. Of the 30 stories in the book, not a one is a clunker . . . These, simply, are ghost stories done right, equally accessible to the connoisseur and to the newcomer, and equally appealing to both. Go, find, read -- the stories are waiting for you."
    — Richard Dansky, Green Man Review

    "[In this collection] you'll find story after story rich in mood and subtlety, nearly impossible to put down, and always rewarding at the end. Although, Gordon's work is primarily written around the awkward and uncomfortable time between adolescence and adulthood, these are stories for everyone . . . Karl Edward Wagner once wrote, "John Gordon's precise control of his fiction and his mastery of the English language are unequalled since the death of Robert Aikman." That truly says it all."
    — HellNotes

    "Based upon the quality of the thirty stories collected in this book, he should be far better known to those of us readers of supernatural fiction here in the USA. Each story is a gem and they are all truly among the finest, most atmospheric, shudder-some tales I've read in many a year. These are the type of stories well suited to being read upon a winter's night, curled up by a fire, if possible, and with a beverage of choice close by. For any readers who like ghost stories and scary supernatural tales written with style and real talent, Left In The Dark will be a real "find" and a cause for genuine celebration."
    — Norm Rubenstein, Horror World