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Deluxe Boxset: Includes But First the Dark & Strange Corridors (by Frank Chigas)


But First the Dark:

Hardcover with jacket

352 pages

Limited Edition of 500 copies


Strange Corridors:

Hardcover with jacket

357 pages


    This box set includes two hardcover books signed by the author, Frank Chigas, and set inside an attractive slipcase.


    Book 1: But First the Dark
    Author Frank Chigas brings you ten spellbinding tales of terror that will make you question the illusion of a sane world and the very fabric of reality.What menacing stranger awaits in "Ms. Trent's Dark Holiday"? Why does "The Missing Voussair" hold such inexorable tragedy? What is the cryptic nature of "The Pocket Watch"? Who are the "Demons" that haunt a man through the streets of Paris? And what blasphemous rites are being practiced in the horrifying novella "Indian Pipes"? You may not want to know the unpleasant answers!These stories and more lie ahead for the brave soul willing to lower the lights and explore these sinister sketches of death.The safety of daylight may save you, the reader, from the cold grip of horror, but first…the dark.


    Book 2: Strange Corridors
    Take a turn down any of these corridors…From here, one can view the horrible occupant of "The Other Flat." And evil is just around the next corner in "The Cloaking Glass." Every turn of the page uncovers a new chill for the reader: An idyllic hike in the Italian Alps leads to horror in "Mephisto's Clay," and "The Eavesdropper" gets more than she ever bargained for. Dare to walk these corridors, each path revealing a new horror, a dark doorway into the uncanny, a view of nightmare vistas. But tread carefully, dear reader, for each step taken will draw you further into the unknown.


    Frank Chigas is the author of the acclaimed collection, The Damp Chamber and Other Bad Places.


    “With a respected history that extends back many centuries, stories of horror still entertain and still fill bookshelves. In terms of twenty-first-century literature, there is much experimentation in both technique and content, but if zombie and vampire epics are particularly popular, there yet remains room for the traditional narrative of menace and terror in a less extended length than that of the novel. Frank Chigas has skillfully demonstrated this fact in three fine collections of new short stories that have appeared in the last decade, starting with the nineteen tales in The Damp Chamber and Other Bad Places in 2004. This was followed by two more collections, Strange Corridors and But First the Dark in 2010, which included a further twenty selections that fully confirmed his talent. All three of these attractively produced books were published in limited editions by Medusa Press and are strikingly illustrated by Chigas himself, his minimalist and austere artwork reflecting the content well and being somewhat reminiscent of Lee Brown Coye.


    In The Damp Chamber, Chigas established his literary credentials. His style is orthodox and straightforward, without pretension; there are very few contemporary settings and many of the stories are told wholly or partially via letters or diaries, bearing witness to the influence of earlier writers, influences that the author freely acknowledges. But if the book is a purposeful attempt to reproduce the tenor of fiction that was popularized in earlier decades Chigas remains very much his own man, and displays a unique voice in his bleak tales.


    …Chigas invokes an admirably expressive period atmosphere to his locations with strong descriptions. [He] appears to have found a satisfying literary niche for himself with these latest stories, a niche which may be decidedly old-fashioned by today’s standards but which still produces extremely effective fiction. He very much retains his ability to create chilling scenarios and unsettling nuances of fright.”

    — Mike Barrett, The New York Review of Science Fiction