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But First, the Dark (by Frank Chigas)

But First, the Dark (by Frank Chigas)

SKU: MP2010-BF

Hardcover with jacket

333 pages
Limited Edition of 250 copies

Author Frank Chigas brings you ten spellbinding tales of terror that will make you question the illusion of a sane world and the very fabric of reality.

What menacing stranger awaits in "Ms. Trent's Dark Holiday"? Why does "The Missing Voussair" hold such inexorable tragedy? What is the cryptic nature of "The Pocket Watch"? Who are the "Demons" that haunt a man through the streets of Paris? And what blasphemous rites are being practiced in the horrifying novella "Indian Pipes"? You may not want to know the unpleasant answers!

These stories and more lie ahead for the brave soul willing to lower the lights and explore these sinister sketches of death.

The safety of daylight may save you, the reader, from the cold grip of horror, but first…the dark.

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